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The Abbey road and the Seine river meanders

You are going to visit 4 of the most prestigious Romanesque – Gothic abbeys in Upper Normandy.


Abbey of Saint Ouen

Is one of the most ancient abbey of Normandy,
the first abbey was built in 6th century
but most of the Abbey date of 14th 16th century.



Abbey of Saint George of Bocherville

Follow the Seine River until joining this gorgeous
Romanesque Abbey with its wonderful flower garden,
aromatics plants and fruits trees.

Abbey of Jumiège

Not far from there, discover with your guide
in a secret meander of the Seine River ,
the ruins of this huge Romanesque Abbey
and its romantic garden.

Abbey of Saint-Wandrille

It’s still a living monastery with around
40 monks that live, pray and work here
12 month per year.
You will discover the beauty of the ruins
of the ancient gothic abbey,
the “new” 13th century church entirely made of wood
and the amazing cloister 15th- 16th century.
saint wandrille

Come back to Rouen in the late afternoon traveling close to the Seine River dressed up with its beautiful fruits trees.

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