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The second most important place of catholic Pilgrimage in Europe after Lourdes .
Lisieux became famous in the religious world thanks to St Therese.

Therese Martin she was 24 years old when she died of tuberculosis on 30th September 1897 in the Lisieux Carmel, which she entered at the age of 15. Thank to her memoirs published after her death and translated into more than 60 languages, she quickly became known and venerated throughout the whole world.

In 1925, she was declared a Saint and two years later was proclaimed Patroness of the Missions.
Since 1944, St Therese has been Secondary Patroness of France.
In 1997 Pope John Paul II declared St Therese a Doctor of the Church.
The most important monuments for the pilgrims are:


The lisieux Basilic
The lisieux Basilic

• The huge Basilics of Sainte Therese built in 1930 to host the millions faithful person who wants to honorate the memory of the Sainte.

   lisieux basilic


• The gothique cathedral of St Pierre was Therese’s parish church before her entering Carmel

   lisieux cathedral


• The house where Therese lived before entering the Carmel: the Buissonnets.

  buissonet     buissonet


• The Carmel where Theresa enter at 15.Her grave is here.



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